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Candy taxes: Is it stealing or entitlement?

I have some bad news for parents who claim a “candy tax” by taking a portion of their kids’ Halloween candy: THEY ARE ONTO US. A few years ago, we went to our church’s Halloween party and my kids came home with bucket loads of treats. For the most part, I let them have at […]

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An unexpectedly spooky night in the Stanley Hotel

As a single mother of three children, every time I take my kids on what I call a “mini-vacation” (because I’m not brave enough to go on a full-size one) I’m always worried that one of us won’t make it back.  This could be for several reasons:  I’ll lose one.  I’ll try to lose one. […]

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Moral of the story: Mom always finds out

I was going to rave about this guy’s mad Tetris skillz fitting our huge new (to us)sectional into a tiny trailer last week.   But no, this post is how, when we were later passed out on Said Couch in our uncarpeted basement that my daughter my husband Jamie if “Mom knows?”   IF MOM […]

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20 April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Do at Home!

April Fool’s Day is right around the corner! Every year, I start out with good intentions but then I get busy and don’t have time to concoct some elaborate plan of trickery. So, here are some quick, easy and most importantly, kid-friendly ideas for celebrating April Fool’s Day at your house during self-isolation. Want to […]

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Movie Review: Fairy Tales Come True in Pixar's Onward

Unicorns are dirty pests that get into trash. Elves live in suburban homes with toasters and TVs. Cops are minotaurs and cyclops. A Manticore runs a family restaurant. Pixies rob convenience stores. Magic? It is nowhere to be found.  Onward opens in a realm that has forgotten its wild and magical roots. Technology, invention, and […]

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