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Denver Flag Football League for Boys...and Girls?

I’ll admit it: I’ve sometimes been a reluctant sports mom but if there is anything my COVID-induced quarantine has made me realize is what a gift it is for my kids to be active, learn new skills, blow off some steam and make friends.  When I think about football, my mind conjures up big, beefy […]

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How to Get Into Your Dream College - Yes, It's Possible!

Year after year the challenge of gaining admission into a top university increases. To many, the possibility of getting into their dream school seems like a dream, but with the right tools and support, it’s entirely achievable. Breaking down the expectations of university admissions, admissions officers want students that are not only strong academically or […]

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Child Care and Early Learning During COVID-19

For the past year, Mile High Mamas has been a strong advocate for affordable child care for all Colorado residents. Now, in the days of COVID-19, an already difficult challenge has grown even more complicated. How can I ensure my child is engaged while at home?  What are my options for child care when I […]

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15 Awesome Mother's Day Gifts in the Time of COVID-19

I’ll admit Mother’s Day snuck up on me this year because it’s tough to feel like celebrating when you’re under quarantine. Plus, I’m usually flooded with fantastic product and activity ideas and this year, I have seen very little cross my desk which is a sobering sign of the times. But now, more than ever, […]

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The Year Without Graduation: A Letter to My Daughter and the Class of 2020

As a parent, I’ve had to navigate hundreds of unanticipated situations. I’ve uttered scoldings I never thought would be necessary, including “Don’t lick street signs,” and “We always wear underwear to school.” I’ve offered support as they changed schools and sustained concussions. I’ve even seen them through a divorce in which we all demonstrated great […]

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Avid4 Adventure: Resident and Expedition Summer Camps

My children have participated in Avid4 Adventure’s summer camps for a number of years and now that they’re technology-obsessed teenagers, those adrenaline-charged summers are more relevant—and imperative—than ever. One of the many great things about Avid4 Adventure’s camps is they are not just for the extreme outdoorsman. In fact, Pre-K – 12th graders of all […]

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