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Stitching in a New Language

The hardest my hands have worked in the past three and a half years is washing baby bottles, noses and bottoms. But a few months back, I found myself at a table with five other women, trying to make my fingers loop and twist yarn into something that resembles knitted fabric. When my sister-in-law, Dana, […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to get serious about toy shopping, not only because the holidays are just around the corner, but because lately we’ve had recall after recall and toy shopping has had to become serious business. Serious business because it’s proving to be more important than ever to do your homework and know that the toys […]

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On Rediscovering Christmas

  • 06 Dec, 2007
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For me, Christmas has everything to do with Mexican food, and nothing to do with Walkmans. For the first time in their lives, Emma and Kyra (three and two, respectively) played major roles in the tree-decorating tradition. In a moment of sheer delirium (or genius as it were) I decided to provide them with construction […]

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It Could Be Worse

(Editor’s Note: Join us in welcoming Catherine Robinson, our guest blogger who can also be found at her blog, Out in Left Field. Also, a special Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish mamas and papas out there!) “Mommy, you think I’m sweet, right?” I love how Youngest starts a conversation. “Right,” I said, bracing myself for […]

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Nutcracker Giveaway Tickets Found Here!

I am not a dancer. I have never been a dancer and I will never be a dancer. I had no particular dance aspirations for my 3-year-old daughter Hadley but recently enrolled her in a dance class taught my national-award-winning friend, Karla Call. I did this for no other purpose than to give her a […]

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Holiday Kid Pics!

Congratulations to Sara Lilly, winner of our Baby Candy onsie contest! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we want your Santa-fearing, Hanukkah-celebrating, gingerbread-house decorating, snow-playing or gift-relishing pictures. Help us build our Kid Holiday Pics section by sharing your pictures (past and present) of your little elves. There will, of course, be […]

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Black Friday's "Blowout"

I am unsure how Black Friday even got started. It was probably some raging psychopath who thought it would be fun to use bargain hunters and desperate toy-seeking parents as puppets. Plan a shopping spree in the middle of the night after people have devoured inordinate amounts of sleep-inducing hormones from their turkey? Sounds like […]

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