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Winter WonderLights = Winter WonderNights

[photopress:winterwonderlights_4.jpg,full,pp_image]I was dying to get their autographs. International celebrities don’t come to the Denver area every day. I held back. Their antlers were slightly intimidating, the language barrier was daunting, and it must be hard to write with hooves. Our family had to settle for the thrill of being within feet of the shaggy and […]

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The Anti-Sugar Ad From Mile High Mamas (Consider Yourself Warned)

This is sugar. [photopress:halloween_candy.jpg,full,pp_image] This is your child on sugar (when over-consumption deludes the young child to think she can leap off the arm of the couch and land on her face without consequence.) [photopress:haddiecandy_1.jpg,full,pp_image] Any questions? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! Love, The Mamas P.S. Tomorrow is the deadline for our Halloween picture contest. Your picture could […]

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The Mystery of The Great Pumpkin FINALLY Solved!

There are two words to summarize my weekend: babies and pumpkins. 1) Babies. Mile High Mamas had a booth at the Oh Baby! Baby & Family Expo on Saturday and Sunday. I met many great women, saw some fantastic products and there were babies. Oh, so many babies. Welcome if you are visiting us for […]

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After September 11th: The Right Decision for Me

I am beginning to think Amber has it out for me. First, I get the big night of the DNC, and then I look at the Mile High Mamas writing assignments for this month, and I have September 11th. Not that I mind writing about these big days, it’s just HARD. Because they bring out […]

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Happy 4th of July!

Our wish for you this 4th of July: May you have stars in your eyes and the wind at your back. [photopress:4th_of_July.jpg,full,pp_image] Enjoy your holiday! XOXOXO The Mamas

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Romancing the Toad

Editor’s note: Make sure to also scroll down to enter to win our “Living the Dream” T-shirt giveaway! I’ve been happily married for eleven and a half years. My husband is my best friend. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it is a safe place where love is unconditional and nobody shoplifts. My husband never took […]

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