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Colorado kids in flu trial

A group of Colorado children will be among the first in the world to test a swine-flu vaccine as part of a global effort to mass produce an immunization by mid-October. A Denver physician is beginning a clinical trial this week for Novartis, one of several drug manufacturers racing to make a vaccine for the […]

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Join in on Labor Day Lunches to Promote Child Nutrition Act

Slow Food chapters in Denver, Boulder and other Colorado towns will host community potlucks Monday to promote passage of a Child Nutrition Act demanding healthy, nutritious foods in schools. The “Eat In” is part of Slow Food’s national day of action urging change in school lunch programs, including more funding, better quality food and nutritional […]

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Our Bodies: Do We Rent, or Do We Own?

My Dad once told me that we are all TABs: Temporarily Able-Bodied. Being young and invincible, I dismissed his statement as a middle-aged mope. Years later, I finally see what he means. In February of 2007, my sister’s husband complained of numbness in the hands and feet. He got on to WebMD and self-diagnosed before […]

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A Bumpy Ride

Before I tell you the following story, I’ll cut to the chase: Roger is OK. “Roger? Who’s Roger? Isn’t Lori’s husband named Rob?” you may be asking yourself. I’m going to confess. I’ve been using an alias for my husband’s name all this time, for purposes of protecting my children’s privacy. He’s not really a […]

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The Courage Diary--A Synopsis of an Inspiring Journey

Guest blogger Heather Simms-Schichtel is a parent advocate, freelance writer and full-time mom to Samantha a precious girl who has an undiagnosed genetic condition. She recently biked the 157-mile Courage Classic in Samantha’s honor. I wake up and look at the clock….8:00 Friday morning; t-minus 24 until I have to be at the start in […]

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The Bar Method - Try it for FREE!

  • 21 Jul, 2009
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When I told my husband that I’d been invited to try a new exercise routine at a new studio in Boulder, he was supportive. “It’s called The Bar Method, and I signed up for a Saturday morning class…so I’ll need you to watch Claire,” I said. He got a funny look on his face and […]

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There is No "I" in Team…..But I Did Find Me

  • 17 Jul, 2009
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Guest blogger Heather Simms-Schichtel is a parent advocate, freelance writer and full-time mom to Samantha a precious girl who has an undiagnosed genetic condition. Ironic that as I write this we are in Children’s Hospital; our unsought home-away-from-home. I’m watching over my daughter Samantha as I wait for my husband to deliver my bike. Two […]

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Glue and snouts for dinner! Why being picky is not a lifetime sentence

  • 25 Jun, 2009
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My kids have never eaten baloney, cottage cheese, or plain Cheerios. They’ve never been subjected to rhubarb, which I’ve heard is so awful it must be engulfed in strawberries or the unfortunate gobbler may die of grossness. They’ve never known the earthy-oozy tastes of soy milk, bleu cheese, feta, tofu, or tapioca pudding. Gosh, those […]

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Mellow Your Fellow: Father's Day Gift Idea & GIVEAWAY

  • 04 Jun, 2009
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CONTEST CLOSED. chose #8, #1 and #4 as the three winners of the Float Tank experience through A New Spirit Wellness Center & Spa. JoAnn, Eileen and T, please contact Lori for information on getting your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered! Oh, yes. I was tense going in. Two kinds of tense. I […]

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