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Top 5 Tips for the Dirty Dash (20% Off & ENTER to WIN!)

Um, just about the most epic, cool race to roll through the Rockies this summer…and it’s family friendly too!!! This 3.5 mile competition includes walls, pipes, nets, slip ‘n slides – YES, I said slip ‘n slides!!! – and all kinds of other dirty, muddy challenges to help you prove to yourself *and those around you* that age (and the nearing mid-life spare tire) is not going to deter you from being a champion at your sport!

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Colic may be linked with migraines, research says

The distressing nonstop crying in babies with colic is often blamed on tummy trouble, but a new study says the problem could be linked with migraine headaches in at least some infants. Children and teens treated for migraine headaches at three hospitals in Italy and France were much more likely than other kids to have […]

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The Importance of Staying Vaccinated

Thanks to vaccines, many infectious diseases from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations are a thing of the past. To continue that trend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sets optimized vaccine schedules designed to boost children’s immune systems as they develop. Why are vaccines important? “Data shows that contagious diseases can cause devastating […]

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My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks

Maya Silver was 15 when she found out her mom had breast cancer, in 2001. Suddenly, everything was different. Her parents were distracted with doctor visits. Her friends couldn’t understand what she was going through. Now Maya, who lives in Crested Butte, wrote the book she needed. Co-authored by her dad, Marc, My Parent Has […]

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Welcome to SpRinG BrEaK, 2013 Edition

Late(ish) nights, unkempt rooms, uncontrollable raucous, random stickers clinging to the floor, leftover pizza, evaporated Lucky Charms (minus the marshmallowy yummies) crispfused to the table and a never ending pile of seriously dirty laundry. Still sounds like college, doesn’t it? I know what you’re thinking – too many charms in my bowl, but hear me out.

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