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How America cultivated a generation of obesity

In 1972, a Las Vegas businessman named Len Frederick introduced a new kind of lunch to cash-strapped schools eager to see their cafeterias turn a profit. Instead of chicken or meatloaf, carrots and a carton of milk, students could eat hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries, and drink milkshakes or soda. All Frederick had to […]

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What is your parenting style: Cheerleader or Coach?

  • 30 Sep, 2013
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In our younger, leaner years, my husband Secret Agent Man was an athlete. I was a dancer. So how did we end up with uncoordinated kids? My twin boys can’t run. You know the kids that shuffle up and down the soccer field with their feet never fully coming off the ground? They would be […]

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Fun-Sized Season is No Fun for Peanut Allergic Kids

It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween and Fall harvest parties. How do I know this? Because the stores told me. The moment the first bell rang on the first day of school, clerks everywhere sprang into action. Out with the lunch boxes and in with the treat buckets! If you don’t have […]

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The Umbilical Hernia Experience

This past spring we learned that our one-year old had an umbilical hernia. Which was a relief. We were worried she swallowed a marble. An umbilical hernia is a tiny hole in the abdominal muscles that never closed after the umbilical cord opening healed. As a child becomes active the hole gets larger. Resulting in […]

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