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Fun-Sized Season is No Fun for Peanut Allergic Kids

It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween and Fall harvest parties. How do I know this? Because the stores told me. The moment the first bell rang on the first day of school, clerks everywhere sprang into action. Out with the lunch boxes and in with the treat buckets! If you don’t have […]

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The Umbilical Hernia Experience

This past spring we learned that our one-year old had an umbilical hernia. Which was a relief. We were worried she swallowed a marble. An umbilical hernia is a tiny hole in the abdominal muscles that never closed after the umbilical cord opening healed. As a child becomes active the hole gets larger. Resulting in […]

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Some school districts quit healthier lunch program

After just one year, some schools around the country are dropping out of the healthier new federal lunch program, complaining that so many students turned up their noses at meals packed with whole grains, fruits and vegetables that the cafeterias were losing money. Federal officials say they don’t have exact numbers but have seen isolated […]

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Moms Unite to Protect Kids’ Health

A safe home in a family neighborhood and an elementary school where my kids could learn, play and thrive.  That’s all we wanted when my husband bought a house with lots of room, a huge backyard and a park down the street in Weld County. What we ended up with?  Kids with asthma, multiple daily […]

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Tips (and recipe) for when kids need to gain weight

Despite an obesity epidemic in this country, many toddlers and children are underweight. Parents repeatedly ask me how to help a child gain weight in a healthful way. This is an important question because the age-old advice of milkshakes and ice cream (or in my opinion even the sugar-laden Pediasure) just doesn’t cut it, and […]

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Device Vice? A panel discussion you won’t want to miss…

As a woman – and mom – both working and continuing my education in the field of technology, I find it difficult to strike a healthy balance between my relationships and the world behind the screens of the many devices filling – often flooding – our homes in this digital age. I absolutely love the fact that I can learn new tricks and tips from my small digital natives, but I do find it challenging to pull everyone away and achieve true, quality (device not included) family time.

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