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A letter to my OCD

September is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month. All month long, the National Alliance on Mental Illness is publishing submissions. A letter to my OCD, You changed me, you took me prisoner in my own body. You were power hungry, and I was powerless. You affected me from the age of 8 on; you would […]

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One mom's journey with her bipolar daughter

September is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month, and this week was World Suicide Prevention Day. My 19-year-old daughter has had a fairly uneventful year. Held down her first job. Began feeling more independent. Made some solid friendships and was socializing more. We are so proud of her. As is the case with bipolar disorder […]

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Honoring Mother’s Day by Taking Action

As moms we are often overwhelmed by the day to day minutia: school activities, birthday parties, and the oh my goodness I forgot we scheduled a dentist appointment day. Then there is the big picture stuff, making sure our kids stay healthy and strong for a bright future. We have the expectation that our kids […]

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April’s Move More Month: How to Hit Your Stride

As winter gives way to spring, some of us Colorado residents may be emerging from a state of “seasonal sedentary syndrome.” With National Walking Day and April’s Move More Month, it’s time to lace-up those sneakers and start finding your stride. Studies have shown walking more and sitting less may help people maintain a healthier […]

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