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Is your child anxious? Help them manage it effectively

Dealing with anxious children requires patience, understanding, and a supportive approach. Anxiety in children is a common issue, but with the right strategies, you can help them manage their anxiety effectively. Here are some steps to consider: Educate Yourself: Learn about childhood anxiety, its common signs, and symptoms. Understanding what your child is going through […]

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How to Have a "Sober Curious" Summer

If you are concerned about your relationship with alcohol,  you will find the Holderness Family’s recent blog post and podcast about having a sober curious summer incredibly interesting.  ======= As much as Penn and I like to drink socially, we noticed recently that it’s not always serving us. More than one glass of wine will […]

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Your RSV Questions Answered By Colorado Children's Hospital

This year, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has created a particularly challenging situation for kids, families and healthcare providers, who have had to contend with “tridemic” of RSV, the flu and COVID-19. Hospitals and neonatal intensive care units across the state have come up against more pediatric hospitalizations for RSV than ever before, and we know […]

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How can I expand my picky eater's palate?

Dear Mama Drama: My two-year-old won’t eat anything, but macaroni and cheese. I’m afraid to give him other things because if he doesn’t eat it he’ll be hungry. I see other children, even younger than him, eating a wide variety of foods. I am amazed that they will eat things like tofu and vegetables. How […]

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What do you wish people knew about your mental illness?

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Heidi Bartle, a Colorado mom with depression about her bipolar disorder, about her beautiful children’s book “When Mommy is Sad.”  And then on social media, we recently saw the question “What do you wish people knew about your mental illness?” The responses have a common theme: that no two […]

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Surviving my son's suicide: A Denver mom's story

Mother of four Peggy Green has known loss. The Denver mom’s daughter passed away at 9 months old. And her son Connor died by suicide in 2018. She has since dedicated herself to sharing her journey of grief in hopes of helping others. Peggy’s first book, Life After Child Loss: The Mother’s Survival Guide to Cope […]

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