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Humor: Millennial Dads vs. Baby Boomer Dads

YouTube comedians Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad and Myles Montplaisir of You Betcha are on a mission to bring more laughter into the world, and they’re doing just that with a new clip that’s going viral. In the wake of the world discovering that Gen Z has a major beef with their grandparents’ generation, the Baby Boomers, Calmus and Montplaisir […]

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"Cheer Dad" goes viral for duplicating his daughter's routine

Move over Cheer and Dance Moms, Cheer Dad is here and he has some moves!  Rolland “Hekili” Holland is literally his daughter’s biggest cheerleader, and there’s video evidence to prove it. Video showing the Virginia dad went viral, raking up more than 3 million views, after a fellow parent filmed him enthusiastically performing his 15-year-old […]

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'There's no trophy in parenting' post goes viral

There’s no trophy in parenting. That might seem like an obvious statement but if there really is no trophy, why do moms do so many things they may not even feel strongly about? When Ashley Gibson was giving birth to her third child, she “wasn’t dead set” on having an non-medicated birth. But as the pain […]

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Dad-isms: Funny things dads say

Does anyone have a Dad who says the same things over and over? I do. So about 20 years ago for my Dad’s birthday, my sisters and I put together an ENTIRE BOOK of his repeatisms. I will spare you the insider ones such as “I always carry a garlic shaker” and leave you with […]

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7 fabulous food finds for Father's Day!

There’s no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by filling Dad with tasty goodness–from a stuffed burger bar to a crab bake feast to beer-battered onion rings.  1. What breakfast food is better than pancakes? BACON! What’s better than bacon? Bacon filled pancakes of course! 2. Does anyone else love the wonderful and flavorful […]

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