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Mama Drama: Staying Connected to Our Kids

Dear Mama Drama: My children and I are so busy. Between work, school, activities and life, I feel like I am just not connected to them like I was when they were little. How can I find time to stay involved in their lives? ~Disconnected Mama (photo credit) Dear Disconnected: The connection we have with […]

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The Tragic Beginning of a Blessing in Disguise

He shivered so intensely that it shook the room. “You are freaking out the baby,” I told my husband. It was probably just a fever. A bad cold with a fever. He will be fine. But he was not fine. Four days later he was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit where he became paralyzed […]

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Mama Drama: Sibling Sarcasm

Dear Mama Drama: My sons have recently been very rude and sarcastic with each other. They are frequently putting each other down or making what I consider unnecessary negative comments about something the other one is sharing. They even do this thing where they say, “I don’t mean to offend you, but…” and they finish […]

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Mama Drama: Friendship Frustrations

Dear Mama Drama: I have two sons who are very outgoing, but very unique. Both struggle with making lasting friendships at school and say that others seem to avoid them. They often blast in instead of joining into groups or repeat annoying behavior when they have been asked to stop. My oldest son does gross […]

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Sure, we may be Mile High Mamas but we’re all about the Papas in our lives. Disney’s FamilyFun magazine has some great Father’s Day ideas: A Grate Gift for Dad. This clever trio is a tasty way to honor the King of the Grill on Father’s Day. And who doesn’t love dessert (they’re cupcakes!)? Formal […]

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Mama Drama: Scared of Strangers

Dear Mama Drama: My three (almost four)- year-old has always been very friendly and outgoing. She waves and chats with our neighbors and speaks easily to other family friends. Recently, she has begun behaving very differently with two families in the neighborhood. She hides behind me or my husband and won’t say hello. We feel […]

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