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Family Travel

Check-out oodles of adventures in Colorado including where to find the best family travel getaways & Denver kid friendly activities.

Camping, Capsizing and Crying (all in a weekend at play)

As backpackers, my husband Jamie and I are minimalists. We pack the bare essentials because we know we will be the ones hauling them into the backcountry. We had also taken the same approach with car camping…until we saw the light during last weekend’s camping trip to Eleven Mile State Park, a venue that came […]

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Summer Solsticing (and Traumatizing) at Granby Ranch

[photopress:Hadleyprofile.jpg,full,pp_image]A week ago, we attended Granby Ranch’s Summer Solstice. The resort went all out for this celebration that included fireworks, BBQs, chairlift rides, face painting, golf, crafts, a climbing wall, trampoline, massages, pony rides and mountain bike demos. To name a few. We reallllly wanted to go on this trip because: 1) It sounded fun. […]

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Snowed Out at Snow Mountain Ranch

[photopress:snowmountainfamilysm.jpg,full,pp_image]Hands down, my favorite Colorado getaway is YMCA of the Rockies. I have been to the Estes Park Center once in the summer and we recently went on our third getaway to Snow Mountain Ranch in the wintertime. It is tough to qualify why I love YMCA of the Rockies so much. The cabins and […]

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Avalanche Ranch: A Cut of Crystal River Valley Heaven - Part II

Editor’s note: This family travel feature will not make any sense unless you first read Part I. Plus, who would want to miss the memorable details of our sleepless night and a sordid discourse on kissing cousins. As an adventure-travel writer, I was always traveling…and adventuring. If I wasn’t backpacking, I was skiing, hiking, canyoneering […]

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The Broadmoor = Kiddy Heaven

During my career as an adventure-travel writer, my accommodations ranged from the most opulent mountain lodges to the cold, hard ground. And to be honest, I loved them equally. Until I gave birth. And then camping involved wrestling young children away from the fire pit and sleepless nights in the tent as they howled like […]

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