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Deals: Amazon Prime Day, Best Halloween Movies & More

It is finally feeling fall – leaves in town are turning (and I’m needing to rake and compost them), I’m pulling out my favorite LLBean Flannel, apples are in season, and we are starting to really think about Halloween. My kids and I were talking the other day about what age is still appropriate to […]

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Deals: National Coffee Day, Urban Harvest Festival and more

I’m super excited about all the great stuff that the Outlets of Castle Rock has planned in the coming weeks. The new Lululemon store will be open (opens Friday) just in time for the annual shopping extravaganza (see more about that below)! If you don’t have plans already for the weekend – make them. Plan […]

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Deals: Art of Brick, Pop-up Art Experience, and more!

Do your kids love Legos as much as mine do? And let’s be honest, I like Legos – especially when I see the amazing creations that people make with them. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a fantastic new exhibit – The Art of Brick. Union Station launched a contest in celebration – kids can create their own […]

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Deals: Mulay's Sausage, Shiki Dreams Pop-up Art & More

I thought TicTok was a kid’s thing. But I recently discovered how completely wrong I was to think that. It is a complete nonsense fun and great way to connect with your teenagers. Parents trying to do the complicated dance moves – elicits lots of laughter in our house! Have you tried it yet?    […]

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Deals: Barbie Truck, Chipotle Fun and More

Welp, this Labor Day weekend will be much like our lives since mid-March – different. But some things stay the same. Labor Day weekend means my family means we are turning our heads toward fall – from getting our new school items to thinking about ski season. Consignment Sales. Once again, MileHighMamas is proud to bring […]

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Deals: Hello Kitty Truck, ThriftCon and More

This past weekend I attended a concert put on by the Colorado Symphony and a Frank Sinatra impersonator. Little by little we are getting back to normal-ish. The people at the concert respectfully socially distanced and we were all able to enjoy some live music outside. How is your life getting a bit more normal? […]

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Deals: Ski Deals, Consignment Sales, and More!

This morning when I took the trash out, I saw the school bus. The kids are ready to go back to school. Are the parents? What are you doing differently this year? Instead of nagging the kids to put on a coat (like I may have done a million times in cold weather previously), are […]

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Deals: Mask kit, ski deals, Meet the Princess and more

When we first got the mandate to wear masks, I had sort of joked about a tri-kini where the mask matches the bikini. But, in a recent People Magazine, the outfit spread included a mask. Do you match the mask to your outfit? How many masks do you have? Does matching matter? Does your mask […]

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