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Where to see the stars in Colorado's winter night sky

As the temperatures drop, the humidity in the air crystallizes, making winter the perfect time for stargazing. Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre has wide, terraced stairs where you can just sit or spread a blanket. Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park have several stargazing areas. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association offers Trek Adventures at […]

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A guide to hiking with kids in Colorado

She wasn’t there, but Maureen Keilty still shudders when she thinks about the terrified youngsters being dragged up Mount Sherman as a storm approached. “It just haunts me,” Keilty says. “This mom called me out of the blue to tell me about it. These kids were crying, and the mom asked the adults, ‘What’s going […]

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Nine of the best pools in and around Denver

It’s that time again, Colorado. Dig to the bottom of the drawer, pull out your favorite piece of Lycra, and pray that your birthday suit still fits into your bathing suit. We’ve rounded up a sampling of some of the best outdoor pools in the metro area for your enjoyment. So go ahead. Grab your […]

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10 intriguing museums in and around Denver: Beyond the new History Colorado Center

The still-new History Colorado Center showcases the old-fashioned and the ancient — artifacts and archives representing 1,200 years of regional human presence, ranging from American Indian tribes to the Denver Broncos Barrel Man. The History Colorado Center joins a sprawling constellation of brilliant museums in and around Denver. And while it’s the newest kid on […]

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30 days to explore 30 parks in and around Denver

Parks are at once places of great nostalgia and new discoveries. I set out to visit 30 different parks in 30 days, and the odyssey took me from Aurora to Westminster to Lakewood to Dillon. Mostly I explored my hometown of Denver, where I learned that the parks system, at 138 years old, is made […]

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Denver's Best Hikes for Kids!

Updated March 2021. Hiking with your little ones is a great way to spend the day close to home while enjoying the special outdoor spaces unique to the Front Range. Here are the favorite hikes of the Colorado Mountain Mamas, a hiking club for moms with babies newborn to 5 years. Do you want to […]

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