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Cash Only, Please

I have a love/hate relationship with gift cards. When they first came out in the mid-1990’s, I thought they were the definitive answer to the weary and beleaguered, last-minute shopper’s prayers; an easy way to give a gift, in lieu of cash and still look semi-thoughtful. And, of course, to receive one was a ticket […]

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Keeping my family warmer and our bills lower

This is going to be THE MOST EXCITING article you’ll read all day. Of course, I’m going to do my best to make this topic RIVETING, but I’m also wishing desperately that everything else you come across today will be on the boring side. What is this intriguing, fascinating topic?

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Black Friday, indeed

When we met between the racks of better women’s sportswear, I knew I was in for an emotional ride. Her hand, when I shook it, was stiff and cold, wooden almost. I couldn’t discern the material. Perhaps some sort of polyresinous material. Born in a factory, but not without feelings, her body may have been […]

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