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Spring 2011 Consignment Sale Schedule!

  • 21 Feb, 2011
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Twice a year, Mile High Mamas does a round-up detailing Colorado’s popular children’s consignment sales. And for the third season in a row, Tracey Gifford saved the day. The proud mother of two elementary-age boys is the owner of the Just Between Friends sale in Denver and offered to compile this year’s schedule for me. […]

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Mobile-phone programs track steps, beats and calories

No smart-phone application — at least not yet — can accelerate heart rates, inflate muscles or trim waistlines. To accomplish that, bodies must be moved, not just thumbs, and calories watched. While apps alone can’t transform a beer gut, they at least offer quite a bit of guidance, and they are legion, offering everything from […]

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Why I Am ABC Network's "Angel of Death"

I get attached to a few primetime television shows, particularly during the dark winter months. I was in mourning when LOST ended its epic run and I have berated the networks for cutting shows mid-season without any regard (or explanation) for their devoted audience. I get that it’s all about ratings and money. For this […]

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I Like the New Year and I Like this Book!

Let’s start out the New Year right! That’s why I chose the i like book for kids. What a clever little endeavor for the New Year. It’s more like a workbook for parents and child. Spiral bound and available in four colors (pink, purple, blue and green), it’s the modern day version of a choose […]

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Kid-friendly music adults will like

Good music for kids requires all the same ingredients of good music for adults: talented musicians, a beat that gets you moving, clever lyrics and a catchy melody. This year’s kids music picks have it all. Some albums are mellow, some are rock, some will make you laugh, some will make you think; but whatever […]

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Cash Only, Please

I have a love/hate relationship with gift cards. When they first came out in the mid-1990’s, I thought they were the definitive answer to the weary and beleaguered, last-minute shopper’s prayers; an easy way to give a gift, in lieu of cash and still look semi-thoughtful. And, of course, to receive one was a ticket […]

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