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Top five Super Bowl 2012 commercials

Super Bowl 2012 advertisers spent $3.5 million per spot to put their brands before audiences. The sponsors, including a large number of first-timers, trusted somewell-worn strategies: sex, cute animals, talking babies, celebrities and sex. David Beckham, MatthewBroderick, Elton John and Clint Eastwood. Whichwas most memorable? OUR PANEL: Susan Jung Grant, assistant professor of marketing, University […]

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Creative Valentine Ideas for the Entire Family!

Spreading the love has never been so much fun! Whether you decide to go traditional or get creative, this holiday of charming affection offers up an opportune time to tell those around you how much you care.   A Valentine mustn’t be elaborate or pricey to win the hearts of those you love…but it does […]

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How Young is Too Young to Learn to Ski and Snowboard?

Growing up in the town of Salida, in the Heart of the Rockies, had it’s disadvantages…and if you’ve ever read the list of “you’re from a small town if” then you know what I’m referring to, ha. On the brighter side, living just a short drive from Monarch Mountain Ski Area – and having not […]

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Kid's Winter Gear Roundup...WIN Obermeyer Ski Coat/Pants & Name Bubbles!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this winter or building snowmen in your backyard, you are going to want to bundle up – and with these top winter gear picks, your kids will be properly protected AND in great style! Obermeyer  – Clothes That Grow! (photo: Sheer Bliss Coat in Anthracite) Obermeyer’s novel “I-Grow” System allows for your children’s winter […]

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The Christmas Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur Egg

My family has had quite a year of multiple hospital visits (heart surgery, anyone?) and ongoing misfortunes that would render even Murphy (as in the “Law”) speechless. I resolved to kick 2011 to the curb by doing my holiday shopping and preparations early so I could feel like I had at least something under control. […]

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Top 10 toys kid-tested by Thornton preschoolers

Four-year-old Payton DeBelle is one discerning customer of toys, and she considers the Hoot Owl Hoot game one of the best she’s encountered. “You get owls, and you get to move the owl, and then you get to pick another card,” said Payton, eyes gleaming over the paper owl heads staring back at her. “I […]

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