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Working Mom vs. SAHM ...and my modern-day superhero phonebooth.

Wise words by Christine Lagarde on the topic of career and motherhood resonated loudly with me recently. She explained, in a too often overlooked simplicity, the retort o’ day la touché of the ongoing – and ridiculous – debate of Working Mom vs. SAHM. Ms. Lagarde said, [brace yourselves]…

“We can’t have it all · ALL AT ONCE.”

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Toms Urban 24: Larimer Square’s Newest, Hippest 24-hour Restaurant

While the rest of the world is focusing on trick-or-treating, Denver’s newest, coolest eaterie Toms Urban 24 is opening at Larimer Square today. I was recently invited for a preview breakfast so I forwarded the invitation to my husband, Jamie. His response: “YESYESYESYSYEYSEYSEYSEYSEYSEYES.” But then I realized the time conflicted with dropping off my daughter […]

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DIY Network Star Amy Matthews Talks About HomeAdvisor

It is rare that I walk into a building and have the employees whooping it up and high-fiving each other. Celebration was certainly what I felt when I walked under the balloon arch that was shaped like a house outline (how did they DO that?) into the Golden Headquarters of HomeAdvisor (formerly Service Magic) during […]

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