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Colorado Livin’


Yesterday was Cowboy Day at my boys’ school, in honor of the National Western Stock Show, which has been held in Denver for over a century. If you aren’t from the west, you might hear the words “stock show” and picture shares of Apple and Google framed for cooing admiration. “Stock” is actually an all-encompasing […]

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Avalanche Ranch: A Cut of Crystal River Valley Heaven - Part II

Editor’s note: This family travel feature will not make any sense unless you first read Part I. Plus, who would want to miss the memorable details of our sleepless night and a sordid discourse on kissing cousins. As an adventure-travel writer, I was always traveling…and adventuring. If I wasn’t backpacking, I was skiing, hiking, canyoneering […]

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"Country Roads" to Evergreen Lake

Our normally tight-knit neighborhood has gone into hibernation this winter. In an attempt to rally the troops, I sent an email inviting them to come skating at Evergreen Lake on Saturday. No one could come but I was saddened that half of them did not even bother to respond. They could have just dropped me […]

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National Western Stock Show Tickets Giveaway

Congratulations to Sara Lily, winner of our Proctor and Gamble giveaway! I have never been to the National Western Stock Show due to The Plague that consumes me every January. But this year will be different. Not only am I plague-free but little did I know my reoccurring illness has left me bereft of a […]

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A Taste of Culture this Holiday Season

  • 18 Dec, 2007
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Even though I’ve got a holiday to-do list a mile long…plus work that continues to pile up…not to mention a desperate need to vacuum and mop…I’m going to treat myself this week. No, not a facial or a massage or even a haircut (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea). I’m going to see the […]

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A Family Who Bags Together, Learns Together

I completely abhor raking leaves. It comes from growing up in Maryland, where there are a LOT of leaves, and a LOT of wet, gooey leaves. In fact, when Bryan asked me to marry him, I said yes only on the condition that I would NEVER have to rake another leaf again. And Bryan had […]

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Cabin Fever Redefined

I am writing this as part of my recovery. At least this is what my pseudo-therapist-husband prescribed. To preface this confession, my disclaimer is that I have never been one to be caught up in the material world of lavish houses, clothing and cars. I loathe the haughtiness of country clubs and abhor shopping anywhere […]

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Rockies Win The World Series: McDad Guarantee

(Editor’s Note: We are proud to announce that our very own Mitch McDad received a very generous mention in Time magazine. Hats off to him and all the great daddy bloggers out there!) Here are the reasons the Rockies will win. All the pundits are picking the Red Sox except for those that are natural […]

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The Quest

You would think Indiana Jones himself was responsible for placing the sacred bowl in our cupboard. It’s easy to imagine what he went through in his quest for our treasure. Mostly likely he dodged snakes launched from the mouths of ancient gods, carved in the stone of underground burial chambers in 1930s Prague. With Nazis […]

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