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Colorado Livin’

A Family Who Bags Together, Learns Together

I completely abhor raking leaves. It comes from growing up in Maryland, where there are a LOT of leaves, and a LOT of wet, gooey leaves. In fact, when Bryan asked me to marry him, I said yes only on the condition that I would NEVER have to rake another leaf again. And Bryan had […]

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Cabin Fever Redefined

I am writing this as part of my recovery. At least this is what my pseudo-therapist-husband prescribed. To preface this confession, my disclaimer is that I have never been one to be caught up in the material world of lavish houses, clothing and cars. I loathe the haughtiness of country clubs and abhor shopping anywhere […]

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Rockies Win The World Series: McDad Guarantee

(Editor’s Note: We are proud to announce that our very own Mitch McDad received a very generous mention in Time magazine. Hats off to him and all the great daddy bloggers out there!) Here are the reasons the Rockies will win. All the pundits are picking the Red Sox except for those that are natural […]

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The Quest

You would think Indiana Jones himself was responsible for placing the sacred bowl in our cupboard. It’s easy to imagine what he went through in his quest for our treasure. Mostly likely he dodged snakes launched from the mouths of ancient gods, carved in the stone of underground burial chambers in 1930s Prague. With Nazis […]

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A Love Letter to the Rockies

Dearest Rockies, [photopress:Rockies.jpg,thumb,pp_image] This letter is actually on behalf of my husband, Jamie. He has been a devout follower since your amazing winning streak (I believe the correct term for him is “fair-weather fan.”) Regardless, he is committed to your cause and can be seen wandering around with bloodshot eyes after particularly late nights out […]

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#1 Fans

[photopress:IMG_7759.jpg,thumb,1]The “Mamas” (and sons) love their Rockies. GO TEAM!!![photopress:delanrockies.jpg,thumb,1] Do you have a cute picture of your little Rockies fans? Send them our way!

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The Great Pumpkin Contest

[photopress:IMG_7751.jpg,thumb,1]My family’s dinner conversations have gone from how to eradicate war and famine to the intricacies of growing the biggest pumpkin. (Though I am sure my obsessed husband Jamie would somehow argue the latter is the solution to world peace). It started out innocently last spring when he planted the first pumpkin seed. Over the […]

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On Being a Mile High Mama

  • 11 Oct, 2007
  • 7

Monday was one of those beautiful crisp days that make me love the outdoors. I’m a city girl at heart. I loved living in high-rise apartments in New York, New Jersey, and Northern Virginia. Who needs closet space and a yard to mow when you’ve got a balcony with a sweeping view of the Manhattan […]

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(Editor’s Note: Gretchen is our newest addition to Mile High Mamas and can also be found blogging at Lifenut. Join us in giving her a warm welcome!) I wove the tips of dyed purple and white feathers into her braids. I draped strings of glass beads around her neck and wrists. I pinned the brown […]

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What's in a [Trailer Park] Name?

  • 15 Sep, 2007
  • 26

My real name is not Annie. It is Annette but I have been Annie since Day One. I’m not even sure why they bothered to name me Annette. Mom and Dad just should have put Annie on the birth certificate. When I started college, I thought that I would try out Annette for awhile. It […]

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