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Healthy summer camps for kids

When I went to summer camp, one of my clearest memories is of the colorful lumps of mashed potatoes: blue, purple, you name it. The bustling mess hall at Camp Pendalouan in Western Michigan was not known for its food. As kids away from home, we didn’t care. We cared more about how not to […]

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American Girl: Give Those Dolls Some Balls!

Let me start by inserting a spoiler alert. I’m not a big fan of the multi-zillion dollar American Girl (AG) franchise. “Why?” you ask, as you throw down exactly $173.00 plus shipping for a doll that looks like the tattletale who rats everyone out at school, forgettable plaid dress, pair of patent pleather saddle shoes, […]

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25 Worst Things About Having a Big Family

It’s always wise to explore both sides of every issue. I recently shared the 25 Best Things About Having a Big Family. Believe it or not, there are some drawbacks when mom and dad are eye-crossingly outnumbered and there are more smelly little toes than stars in the sky. 1. If I ever win a […]

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Mama Drama: Attention Anxiety - Is it ADHD?

Dear Mama Drama: (photo credit) My seven-year-old daughter is struggling in school. Her teachers say she daydreams and is off in her own world so she doesn’t get her work done. At home she also needs lots of reminders and support to get things done. Someone suggested that she may have attention deficit disorder, but […]

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How to get fit and bond with your kids!

  • 18 Apr, 2012
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I know many of us are strapped for time and feel like we are being pulled a million different directions. When I step back and look at how I deal with a more than overfull schedule, it becomes clear that I handle things logically: Identify what needs to be done Prioritize Tackle tasks in order […]

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