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Career test for kindergarteners in the works

A new digital tool to test academic and behavioral skills will target students starting in kindergarten. ACT, the organization that developed the ACT college-entrance exam, will start testing the tool in the fall. It will be available to schools starting in 2014. The tool tracks students’ career interests, academic performance and progress toward goals. It’s […]

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How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

In a recent interview we asked Susan Crane, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado Sleep Center, some questions about the sleep needs of kids at different ages. Here’s what she had to say about everything from hours of zzz’s to nightmares. How much sleep does my child need? As children grow, their sleep needs […]

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Mama Drama: Toddler Swimming Anxiety

Dear Mama Drama: My twenty-month-old son has been taking swimming lessons for about a month. He started out well, but now throws a fit when I tell him it’s time to go swimming and is often hysterical by the time we get to the pool. Sometimes I can coax him into the water and other […]

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The Art of Laughter...and Courage to Try Again

If I fail to instill all else in my children, I hope to leave a legacy of insatiable passion and eagerness for life. With that, the courage, determination and faith to follow the unique and wonderful will intended specifically for my children’s lives. Through example, I hope to demonstrate that if we believe, we can achieve.

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How to Talk to Kids about Wildfires

As news of Colorado’s wildfires dominates the media, I remember a decade ago when our family had been on “pre-evacuation notice” for two days. When the county sheriff came to our door and said, “This area is being evacuated. You have a half-hour to get your things,” we knew what to do. But when our […]

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10 intriguing museums in and around Denver: Beyond the new History Colorado Center

The still-new History Colorado Center showcases the old-fashioned and the ancient — artifacts and archives representing 1,200 years of regional human presence, ranging from American Indian tribes to the Denver Broncos Barrel Man. The History Colorado Center joins a sprawling constellation of brilliant museums in and around Denver. And while it’s the newest kid on […]

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Best-kept Secret in Colorado Kids' Sports

  • 19 Jun, 2012
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Over the years we’ve become used to the crowds of parents and family members gathered to watch their kids play. We’ve learned what to expect out of a kids’ game or meet and had our “been there, done that” mentality firmly entrenched. But then everything changed.

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