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Suggested Summer Reading for Kids of All Ages

In my previous post I talked about the importance of kids reading and engaging in literacy-rich activities over the summer and gave some tips on how to make it fun! While we always encourage kids to choose their own books to read, we find that providing suggested reading lists sometimes helps them along. Here are […]

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All in a Lemonade Stand: How to Teach Philanthropy

Ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Smiling children standing on the curb waving posters they made themselves. Maybe a chocolate chip cookie or a popsicle. A Normal Rockwell moment. “Lemonade for sale!” Your own slice of summer for less than a dollar. Yet the lemonade stand is much more than that. It is an […]

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Colorado's Nearly Perfect Playgrounds

We are lucky to have several stellar playgrounds and parks in Colorado. It seems like every city or suburb wants to out-do each other. With each new playground opening, families are the winners in this fierce competition. But still, I dream of the Ultimate Playground, with all the best features brought together in one astonishing […]

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How do you do it, Busy Mom?

I feel like I’m struggling with balance lately. I devote my time and energy to so many different roles, some being more focused on than others. At times it feels like there is a part of my life being neglected and I have to do my very best to carve out even more time, that […]

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Moody vs. Depressed: How to Tell the Difference

We love our children but, as every parent has experienced, they can be sulky, temperamental and hard to reach. Adolescence can be an especially turbulent time. In these moments, the critical question for a parent is, how can I tell if my child is going through a “phase,” or if he or she is suffering […]

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