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Sesame Street introduces half-hour-long program

It’s a sign of the times: PBS will introduce a half-hour version of “Sesame Street” in September. Today’s busy preschoolers have no time to waste. For those accustomed to mobile, digital entertainment, an hour-long television program is so last century. Effective Sept. 1, PBS announced, “the additional half-hour program will air on weekday afternoons on […]

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12 YouTube science channels to keep your kids learning this summer

YouTube is brimming with quirky, entertaining and educational science programs. As much of it is produced for a general lay audience, there’s plenty of appealing content for precocious kids and parents.  Here are some of the best YouTube science channels to check out. 1. AsapScience Whiteboard illustrations explain every-day questions like if video games make you […]

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Confessions of a Former Mean Girl

Her name was Jackie and we were cruel to her. She lived in a small, weather-worn house across the street from our school. She wore the same out-of-style clothes every day. They were stained and frayed. Her hair was never combed, and her homework was rarely done. For these crimes, a court of spoiled and […]

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Mama Drama: You Want to Read What?!

Dear Mama Drama: I have three daughters ages 13, 11, and 8. They are all avid readers and generally read well above their age level. My eight year old wants to read whatever her sisters are reading, but as they get into their teens I am not always comfortable with the content. When there is […]

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"Do I Look Fat?"

It happened today. A day I’ve dreaded since my little girl was a baby. We were getting ready to go swimming. Crowding around the bathroom sink with her little brother, the three of us busy dodging elbows and weaving through legs while searching for an opening to rinse and spit. Amid the chaos she stopped, […]

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I'm Scared of My Kids

I recently read an article online called “5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is in Crises, According to a British Nanny” because, as a modern-day parent, I immediately agreed with the title. I do think parenting, and the day-to-day well-being of our children, is in crises.

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