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Entertainment Overload?

Last weekend we took Declan to see Michael Franti & Spearhead in concert. This wasn’t just any concert, mind you – it was a kid’s matinee concert on Saturday afternoon between Franti’s two evening shows on Friday and Saturday night. Which absolutely changed the tenor of the show, let me tell you. Like, for example, […]

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When The Past Comes Back

I know I haven’t gotten crazy personal here on Mile High Mamas, but to understand this post, you have to understand that my childhood was not all fun and games. My dad was a fairly abusive alcoholic with a narcissist mother who stuck her nose in everything right up until his will was read when […]

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It's the little things that matter

“Mom! At school I got to visit the Treasure Box!” “Really, Reed? What did you get?” “I got this ring. It’s a very special ring.” “What so special about it, Honey?” “Well, this ring has the power to deSTROY the WORLD!” “Wow. That’s some ring. How does it do that?” “It explodes the WHOLE PLANET!” […]

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Keep your mitts off my baby name, HBO

My husband and I never share what we are naming our babies until after they are born. Our theory is that nobody will criticize a baby’s name while they are holding the baby or hypnotized by the charm of a photo. Plenty of people have no qualms trashing a particular name while the baby is […]

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Are you a morning person or a night person?

  • 11 Nov, 2008
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I used to think I was a night person, but it’s become apparent to me since adding my third child to the mix that I am most definitely a morning person. In the mornings I’m refreshed, even if I haven’t had any sleep. I haven’t had to listen to anyone (except maybe a baby) crying. […]

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The Family Pet: To Have or Have Not?

Growing up, we always had pets. There was Peppery the Tomcat who enjoyed knocking up the neighborhood felines and who, despite his amorous inclinations, was a fighter not a lover (I had the battle wounds to prove it). Then there was my beloved Lacey who I trained for the Bichon Frise Summer Olympics against her […]

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Car Seats Suck

Oz Spies, who started blogging while pregnant with her son Axel, spends her days working in the nonprofit sector, chasing after a very active baby boy, and trying to find time to paint her toenails, walk the dog, feed the cat, and kiss her husband. You can read more at Knocked Up. My eleven-month-old son […]

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