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Family and work: how do you juggle it all?

This has been a big week for my wee company, “MA! motherhood with attitude.” We were featured in Redbook Magazine, which has 2.2 million subscribers! My biz partner, Tiffany, and I have been working the clock at both ends (me in the early mornings, her in the late evenings) to give this exposure “legs,” so […]

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Children's Hospital Free Parenting Seminar Schedule

Two years ago, my husband and I were in the throes woes of potty training our potty-training-challenged daughter. We had tried everything and were at the end of our ropes. That is when we heard about the Children’s Hospital’s free parenting seminars that include everything from toddler to the teen-age years. Please note the 2009 […]

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Product Review: Clementine Art's All-Natural Soy Crayons

  • 19 Sep, 2009
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My fabulous middle child (supposedly well-adjusted, but that’s for another day) came home from his first day in first grade the other week, with an adorable hand-print puzzle he’d made, just for us. And it stunk to high heaven. Holy moly, what do they put in those tempera paints? Enter Clementine Art. This Boulder-based company […]

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I am a weaner

I can think of several things my 8-month-old son finds more fascinating than nursing: The dog walking through the room, signaled by jangling tags. A referee’s whistle on TV. The doorbell, kids yelling “Go Fish!”, flies buzzing, spiders batting their eyelashes, the whir of satellites miles above us. He starts to nurse, then moments later […]

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It’s better to be safe (and appear crazy) than sorry...

Do you believe in Instinct? Do you believe in the validity behind that funny feeling you get in your stomach when you just know something isn’t right? Do you act on it, or do you convince yourself that you’re being crazy? It doesn’t make rational sense. It isn’t logical. You’re probably just being silly…or so […]

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Enter to win JungleQuest Tickets!

CONTEST CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS JANELLE HRUBY AND ELENA DAVIS-STENHOUSE! My face hurts from smiling. I’ve just taken my kids to JungleQuest. And watched them fly through the air with the greatest of ease. And swing and squeal and climb and conquer a rock wall and expand their boundaries. It was a thrill — as […]

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Obama Speech Divides Parents

President Barack Obama’s plan to address the nation’s students during the school day Tuesday has polarized parents over whether it’s OK for their kids to listen to the speech. On one side are parents who say the webcast speech to K-12 students is “political recruiting” and “spreading the liberal agenda.” On the other are those […]

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Colorado kids in flu trial

A group of Colorado children will be among the first in the world to test a swine-flu vaccine as part of a global effort to mass produce an immunization by mid-October. A Denver physician is beginning a clinical trial this week for Novartis, one of several drug manufacturers racing to make a vaccine for the […]

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