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Holy snow, Batman! How did you spend your snow days?

When you grow up in Canada like I did, you know and love snow. Unless you’re my mother and just complain about it all winter long. I took after my Arctic-weather-loving father and learned to embrace it. Winters were spent sledding the nearby gully, cross-country skiing on the golf course near our house and skating […]

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Expecting...minus the baby bump and stretch-marks

Here we go… We’re expecting. For the second time. Technically we’re about 2 days along with ohhh, 2 months, maybe 9 months, who knows…maybe 2 years to go before the teeny weeny joins our family. The first time around, we were “expecting” for 3 months and BOOM! Our little dude entered our home and invaded […]

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When "last" means "best"

I had long struggled with the idea of adoption as a second choice — pregnancy being the default setting and thus the first choice. Why the struggle? After all, I had ended up in exactly the right place. I wouldn’t want my family to be any different than what it is. But how to explain […]

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Time Is Just Whizzing By

When I was a kid, I thought time moved at a snail’s pace. And the proof is in my offspring. This weekend, when we were cleaning, Declan said the poetic words that we *all* think of at one point of another. “I wish time felt slower when I am having fun and faster when I […]

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Donkeys don’t drive very well

I’ve written before about how I used to suffer from Vehicular Tourette’s. I’ve come a long way. I purposely watch my word-choice when around my 3-year old, Claire, because she’ll repeat what I say and use it in a way that would point a huge “Yep, she totally got that from me” finger my way. […]

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Mama Drama: Bedtime Woes & Sibling Fights

Dear Mama Drama: My 13-month-old daughter used to go to bed easily. Now she stands in her crib and screams. We have a consistent, calming bedtime routine, but it doesn’t seem to be working right now. ~Exasperated Dear Exasperated: Your daughter may be telling you it’s to change her sleep schedule. She may not be […]

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