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Contest: How to Get a "Good Buy" On Your Baby Gear

Summer boredom has started creeping into the house. Knees can only be skinned at the playground so many times. Let’s call it: sometimes you just need a day inside, with quiet times, books, and maybe something to keep those popsicle-stained hands busy for a bit. Good Buy Gear to the rescue! My kids and I […]

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When should babies sleep in their own rooms?

When we brought our first baby home from the hospital, our pediatrician advised us to have her sleep in our room. We put our tiny new roommate in a crib near our bed (though other containers that were flat, firm and free of blankets, pillows or stuffed animals would have worked, too). The advice aims to reduce […]

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1 Newborn + 1 Toddler = No Party

At the checkout stand recently, a young cashier took notice of my newborn and exclaimed, “Only one month old; you must be having so much fun!” Honesty is important when speaking with people you will never see again, so I let her know that she has it all wrong – newborns aren’t “fun.” The cashier […]

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Hunger Free Colorado Serves Up FREE Kids Meals

Every summer, hundreds of community sites across Colorado offer nutritious meals for no cost to children and teenagers up to age 18 at safe locations. Here’s what you need to know: What are the requirements for my child to receive a meal? Do I have to fill out an application form? There is no application necessary to receive food […]

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