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Colorado teachers will lead literacy lessons on public television

To our fellow parents who feel like they’re failures at this homeschooling gig: we have help! In response to school closures across Colorado, Rocky Mountain Public Media in partnership with the Office of the Governor, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Education Initiative, will provide K-3 learners, their families, and caregivers with direct-to-home […]

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‘Bleach isn’t sexy, but it’s what’s needed right now'

Willene Squire usually shops for cleaning supplies at Lowe’s Market on Main Street or at one of the two dollar stores in Westcliffe, the southern Colorado town where she lives and operates an in-home child care business. But when the pandemic hit, so did panic buying. Suddenly, local shelves were cleared of the supplies she […]

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Child Care and Early Learning During COVID-19

For the past year, Mile High Mamas has been a strong advocate for affordable child care for all Colorado residents. Now, in the days of COVID-19, an already difficult challenge has grown even more complicated. How can I ensure my child is engaged while at home?  What are my options for child care when I […]

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Helping Colorado’s Most Vulnerable Kids

During a pandemic, trauma does not take a break. In fact, for children and families at Tennyson Center, trauma has increased exponentially. Parents are faced with layoffs, rents are due; the economic uncertainty is often unbearable. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children face a heightened risk of neglect and abuse as coronavirus-related school closures keep […]

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The New Now

Remember: This pandemic is not the “new normal,” this is just the “new now.” My 13-year-old Bode has always been a deeply intuitive child.  He recently taught us an important lesson on perspective during our little graveside service for our beloved pet. Bode was 3 when we adopted Fat Kitty and it was his earliest […]

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