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What Little Girls Need From Their Fathers

This excellent article by psychoanalyst Joyce McFadden explores the important role fathers play in supporting their daughters’ healthy sexual development at all ages. McFadden asserts that fathers have major influence in “three hugely important facets of how she’ll see herself in the world throughout her life,” specifically, in “her level of personal confidence, her body […]

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Guide to Summer Reading Programs, Free Events

Nothing says welcome summer to me more than the BolderBoulder 10K which I ran/walked yesterday. The Memorial presentation is amazing with flyovers and parachute jumpers. It is a wonderful way to kick off summer and spend a day outside (if not for the fact that I realized how out of shape I am – not […]

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Youth One Book, One Denver program announces 2017 selection!

Mayor Michael B. Hancock recently announced this year’s selection 2017 Youth One Book, One Denver (YOBOD):  “Upside-Down Magic” by Sarah Mylnowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins. Now in its sixth year, the YOBOD program offers children ages 9-12 a shared reading experience along with fun and educational programming to help combat summer learning loss. This new, offbeat series […]

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How to Raise Passionately Generous Children

One of the most frequent conversations I have with other parents is around raising our kids to be thoughtful and empathetic vs. entitled. Yet, our children are who most innately embrace the true definition of philanthropy: love of humankind. Philanthropy helps solidify family values, communication, and trust. By deciding together where to spend your time, talent, […]

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The 50 Best Books for 7- and 8-Year-Olds

At seven and eight, children can concentrate for longer periods of time and are developing strong interests. It’s a significant time of growth for a child’s reading life, too. Children gain better comprehension skills, vocabulary, reading strategies, and confidence. All this happens when kids are immersed in books. Every day. For sustained periods of time. […]

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How "Your Alternate Me" Came to Be

I wrote this book to help my 7-year-old self.   Really.   If I’m being completely honest, I have to admit that at that age I was an emotional eggshell, my psyche easily prone to cracking under any form of criticism or adversity. A few examples I vividly remember that very year:   – Breaking […]

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