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Nurturing a summer love of reading

As much as I’d like to boast that my daughter is drawn to books without school to occupy her thoughts, it is actually the computer that captures her attention. Any number of websites or games draws her to my MacBook minutes after waking. American Girl. Poptropica. National Geographic Kids. At this point, my questions go […]

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Free Kick-off Party "Llamapalooza" for One Book, One Denver

Denver’s Preschool One Book, One Denver kicks off another year with Llamapalooza! This year’s book selection is Is Your Mama A Llama? by author and illustrator Deborah Guarino. From April 15-30, all Denver Preschoolers will be reading this title, a perennial favorite of parents and children alike. To celebrate, The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) and […]

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What is your family's love language?

My husband Jamie and I are different. Sure, in many ways we think alike, have the same interests and similar methodology with raising our children. But we go about life very differently. He is low-key. Methodical. Wise. I am not. One of the areas in which we are most different is how we need to […]

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Patrons brace for week-long closure of Denver libraries

At least twice a week, James Austin visits the Denver Public Library’s main downtown branch to check out a book, peruse the stacks, browse in the map room — he’s avid about cartography — and in general find some peace and quiet. So when the library closes Thursday for a week-long, system-wide computer upgrade, the […]

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