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Blessingway: A Woman-Centered Celebration of Birth

When I was pregnant with my son, my first child, in 2000 my co-workers threw me a wonderful baby shower at which I felt completely awkward. The gifts were awesome as this was our first baby and we felt a great need to acquire “schtuff” with not so much money to do all the acquiring. […]

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Reading Corner: How to Raise Your Kid's Self-Esteem and Environmental Awareness at the Same Time (with Activity!)

Does Green Economy include you? How can parents become involved in lessening the carbon footprints of their family? How can parents engage young children in environmental activities? Here is the perfect picture book that can serve as a launching pad for a summer family vegetable garden that will inform, engage and involve kids in what […]

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Bonbons? Roses? Nope. Here's what Mom wants

I asked Denver moms on the Mile High Mamas Facebook page what they really want for Mother’s Day on Sunday. While the responses were varied, the majority of them were surprisingly low-key. The lesson? Don’t overthink it or overspend; just focus on what Mom loves. (Spoiler alert: When asked, not one of the moms mentioned […]

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What every parent should know to prevent sexual abuse

Child sexual abusers count on your silence and discomfort, so if we’re going to prevent child sexual abuse, we must shatter this silence by learning the facts and empowering our children. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so I sat down with Feather Berkower, co-author of Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe […]

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An 11-Year-Old's Perspective of The Hunger Games

Under the Christmas tree last year was a set of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, a gift to my son. Having heard for months how great the books were, I decided to get the set so we could all read up before the movie release. My 11-year-old, my husband and I were hooked from page […]

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7 of the Best Books for First-time Moms

I’m at the age now where most of my peers are having children. Since I was one of the first of our friends to have kids, I have been getting more and more questions lately about pregnancy and parenting for first-time parents. One of the questions I get asked the most involves my favorite books […]

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