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What to Wear This Holiday Season

Ah, the question that has haunted women, particularly moms, likely originating from the Fall of Man as Eve pulled the first leaf from her closet of nature, looking around, thinking “I have nothing to wear” and feeling certain that the foliage was unflattering in most every way – unfashionable and adding ten pounds in all the […]

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Our transformation from average Betties to pin-up girls

My family occasionally has portraits taken and I constantly have a camera pointed at my kids. But the last time I had my picture professionally done was in college when I was roped into doing one of those glamor shots and makeovers. Don’t judge me. But I recently learned about Iman Woods, an Erie-based photographer […]

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Are you PINK this October? Breast Cancer Resources

  • 16 Oct, 2011
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Pink. It seems to be everywhere. Have you noticed the color at the local grocery store on cereal boxes, or perhaps on TV during football Sundays? The month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a movement for 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment. Breast cancer touches more than just those who […]

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Missoni merchandise a hit at Target stores

Shoppers were swarming Target stores Tuesday morning as limited edition clothing and accessories from Missoni, a high-end Italian company, hit its floors. “Merchandise is flying off the shelves,” said Stacey Luthy, the executive on duty Tuesday morning at the Orchard Town Center store in Westminster. “We’re saying Missoni is like the day after Thanksgiving.” Women’s […]

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Top Ten Green Boutiques for Your Shopping

As eco boutiques flourish, catering to style- and environment-conscious shoppers, young moms and their families, the movement has grown to include another element: fair-trade goods. The category includes jewelry, clothing, toys and other items made by people living in impoverished areas all over the world who are using the money they earn to improve their […]

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Classic looks in style for back-to-school

Every school season has its trends and fads, but preppy clothing designs and trusty denim looks are prevailing this year. “We’re calling it ‘prep academy chic,’” says Eugene Ramirez, media relations director for Macy’s. “It’s a classic look with a lot of school touches like horizontal stripes, athletic-looking tops with numbers, varsity jackets and lightweight […]

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Colorado Mom-Owned Hot Tot Makes Kids' Locks Rock

My 4-year-old daughter, Beatrix, has beautiful hair. It’s long, thick, and a sweet shade of warm nut-brown. But like many small kids with long locks, her hair is prone to tangling. Certain situations make tangling worse. Sleeping, bathing, and romping around have a way of making hair twist into knots and little nests. I have […]

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