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Soybu activewear: Our top picks for Spring 2015!

Who is excited for spring? Soybu, our favorite Colorado-based clothing company for women’s activewear, recently launched their new lines Mykonos (channels the bright blue colors of Greece), Mod Nouveau transports you to Spain with rich, bold colors and Orchid Pond for late-summer leans heavily on black with several options of hues to bring the entire […]

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What My Daughter Said That Shamed Me

Recently I got a rare cuddle from my teen daughter. She lay with her head in the crook of my arm, the rest of her body sprawled on the couch. We were nose to nose, gazing into each others’ eyes, the way you don’t do often enough because that leads to a soul-to-soul connection, and […]

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Maternity fashion: 4 must-have looks for new moms!

The journey to motherhood is sweet and memorable for some and for others it’s a slog through morning sickness, swelling feet, and body dysmorphia. There are probably women sitting proudly in both camps. I myself was never one to talk about how much I loved being pregnant. It was an uncomfortable experience with many weird […]

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Mom fashion: Did you say Birkenstocks are back?

Current trends in fashion are not necessarily something busy moms have a lot of time for, especially if the trend is geared to tiny teenagers who can spend their babysitting money on the newest window dressing at H&M.  Gauging fashion trends that are appropriate and attractive on real women with real responsibilities is a tougher […]

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