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Mama Drama: Why why?

Dear Mama Drama: My son is always asking me “why?” when I ask him to do something. I get very frustrated with his constant questioning of my authority. We often end up in arguments and power struggles because of the constant “why, why, why?” (photo credit) I have friends whose children do not question them […]

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Mama Drama: Christmas Morning Craziness

Dear Mama Drama: Christmas day is a nightmare at my house. My children run downstairs, dump their stockings, tear open all the gifts and then fight over who got what. (photo credit.) When the rest of the family comes over, it’s the same thing. They greet their grandparents with, “What’d you bring me? What’d you […]

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Mama Drama: Picky Eaters and Tall Tales

Dear Mama Drama: My two-year-old won’t eat anything except macaroni and cheese. I’m afraid to give him other things because if he doesn’t eat it he’ll be hungry. I see other children, even younger than him, eating a wide variety of foods. I am amazed that they will eat things like tofu and vegetables. How […]

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