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Mama Drama

Need advice on how to handle parenting challenges? Don’t we all! This column tackles YOUR behavioral and medical questions. Also find tips on healthy living.

7 tips to stop nagging your kids

Dear Mama Drama: I am so tired of nagging my kids to do what they’re already supposed to do. How can I motivate them without constantly nagging? Sticker rewards worked when they were younger but now that they’re getting older, nothing is working. ~Nagged Out Dear Nagged Out: When our children are younger we provide […]

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What To Do When Your Kids Fight

Sibling rivalry is inevitable.  In fact, in the 2-4 age group, kids will have some kind of fight every 6.3 minutes.  That is almost 10 fights an hour! What can parents do to help resolve sibling conflict and form deeper bonds between their children?   Kids in the House shares 4 expert tips on how to help […]

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Time Saving Tips For Working Mamas

Have you ever walked into a room only to discover that you can’t remember why you went there? Gone to a store for something specific and gotten a bunch of other stuff but not what you actually went there for? Working moms are challenged with thinking of what they have to do at work and […]

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Parenting question: You Want to Read What?!

Dear Mama Drama: I have three daughters ages 13, 11, and 8. They are all avid readers and generally read well above their age level. My eight-year-old wants to read whatever her sisters are reading, but as they get into their teens I am not always comfortable with the content. When there is sexual content […]

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5 Important Ways to Teach Your Kids Empathy

Kids say the darndest things! We have all experienced the pure innocence and honesty of a child. “ Mommy, your teeth look yellow” or  “Daddy, your nose is big.” Maybe you’ve experienced what’s even more humiliating … your child’s sharing their innocent, honest and totally inappropriate thoughts to a stranger. Or, maybe your child isn’t […]

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How Can I Tame My Son's Rude Jokes?

Dear Mama Drama: My ten-year-old son is always cracking jokes and thinks he is extremely funny. The trouble is that his jokes are usually at the expense of someone else. When people respond negatively to him, he acts like they are overreacting and too sensitive. I think he has some sharp wit beneath the rudeness, […]

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Mama Drama: How to Grow Independent Problem Solvers

Dear Mama Drama: (photo credit) I’m afraid I’ve created a monster (or two) by being an overprotective mom. My kids can’t seem to solve even the smallest problem by themselves. If something doesn’t turn out the way they think it should, they fall apart and for every little thing it’s “Mom, mom, mom!” How can […]

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