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Mile High Mamas Author Dishes on Adoption

In celebration of  the third anniversary of the release of her highly acclaimed book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption, we are pleased to present this interview with Mile High Mamas columnist Lori Holden. Lori grew up in Denver and remembers the Broncos’ very first Superbowl appearance (make those miracles happen, baby!). She blogs at […]

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Family gives the gift of adoption in this heartwarming video

Santa’s got nothing on this Oregon family! Michael and Sarah Perks’s Christmas present from last year has gone viral as one of the most precious gifts they could give their three foster children: the gift of being a forever family.  The family received the formal adoptions papers just a few days before Christmas so tucked them […]

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Is Your Local Hospital Birthing Center Adoption-Competent?

Just about everyone knows an adoptee. Or an adoptive family, or someone who has placed a baby for adoption — or is involved directly in one. We continually improve so many aspects of patient care. What improvements are being made in the way we “do” adoption? Pioneered in Colorado at Parker Adventist Hospital, the Family […]

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5 Things Parents Can Learn from the Movie Inside Out

My family (Tween Son, Teen Daughter, Father, Mother) attended a pre-screening last week for Disney Pixar’s new film, Inside Out, in theaters now. (Disclosure: we were guests at the theater.) Each of us loved the movie, for different reasons. Son liked it for the cartoon-y feel, bright colors, and fast pace. Daughter liked it for […]

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The Role of Mindfulness in Adoptive Parenting (and book giveaway)

MileHighMamas is pleased to reprint Part 2 of this 3-part interview, previously published in Foster Focus magazine. The conversation, held by Addison Cooper of Adoption at the Movies and Lori Holden (MileHighMamas’ own columnist) of, is of interest to anyone parenting via adoption of any sort — domestic, international, foster — or by donor […]

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