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Check out Denver’s guide to activities, craft ideas, Steve Spangler Science experiments and so much more!

All-inclusive new playground opens at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora

All kids deserve to play and LuBird’s Light Playground makes that possible with its grand opening at the Stanley Marketplace. LuBird’s Playground in Aurora is the first inclusive playground in Denver and Aurora! The playground features state-of-the-art handicapped accessible swings, spinners and slides, a completely smooth surface, no woodchips or sand, and plenty of ramps […]

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Colorado's best farm tours and U-pick farms

Who else loves fresh fruits and veggies on their dinner table? Colorado is thriving with the farm-to-table trend and  Create your own farm-to-table menu with a visit to the many farms that are eager to teach people about agriculture this fall. You can choose (and taste!) your produce right from the source for a farm-fresh […]

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New African Penguin Habitat opens at the Denver Zoo

Who else has been obsessed with penguins since the popular documentary, March of the Penguins? New Penguin Habitat at Denver Zoo Beginning September 30, 2021, the Denver Zoo’s African penguins have a safe place to call home.  Endangered in their native range on the southwestern coast of Africa due to pollution, overfishing and other threats, […]

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Your Guide to Denver's Best Street Art for Families

Do you remember back in the good ‘ol days when graffiti was considered destructive? Well, like many of us, graffiti has evolved and has become a genre accepted by the masses, worth being explored and Instagrammed. Denver’s thought-provoking street art scene also serves an educational purpose and is a fantastic way to explore the Mile […]

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'Boo at the Zoo' is out, 'Wild Fall' is in at the Denver Zoo!

There won’t be any trick-or-treating at the Denver Zoo this fall but their new fall celebration, Wild Fall, offers all the family-focused fun of Boo at the Zoo, but with some enhancements and twists aimed at connecting guests to the natural—and supernatural—world. Wild Fall runs throughout the month of October with multiple moments of mystical surprises […]

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