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4 ways families can find afforable Internet in Denver

4 ways families can find afforable Internet in Denver

In today’s digital age, having fast and affordable internet is key to meeting our family’s needs, whether that’s joining a video call for work, tuning in to classes remotely, accessing healthcare or staying connected with loved ones.

However, due to recent changes to a federally funded program, some families are finding it harder to afford internet that helps them meet these daily needs. Until recently, more than 23 million households received financial support from the federal government to ensure their families could access reliable internet and stay connected. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provided families a $30 monthly benefit, but this program expired in April.

If your family was affected by this policy change and is having trouble paying for your current internet option, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve lost ACP funding or are simply looking to find more affordable internet options for your family, there is help available.

Nearly 20 internet providers have created or expanded low-cost service options in response to the ACP expiration to help families stay connected and access the services they need.

There are many ways families can find more affordable internet, including:

    • Use federal help: If your family was enrolled in ACP, you will see a federally funded ACP credit of $14 on your bill in May as the program winds down.
    • Access affordable plans: Many internet providers offer a range of plans to meet the needs of every budget. Options like Internet Essentials through Comcast provides high-speed internet for $9.95 a month.
    • Get advice and guidance: Connect with organizations or programs in your area that can provide digital guidance. The Digital Navigator network through Comcast can help with digital access support and basic tech troubleshooting, along with assistance using programs and apps.
    • Use free WiFi: Check out free internet in public spaces like libraries, community centers or designated Lift Zones hosted by Comcast. With nearly 100 Lift Zones in Colorado, these spaces are specially outfitted with business-grade WiFi in areas like community centers, gyms, parks and recreation facilities to ensure families can get online.

All families deserve access to the educational and economic opportunities that having home internet unlocks. Many digital equity advocates and local mayors continue to urge Congress to renew funding for the ACP to ensure all families can take advantage of affordable internet.

In the meantime, navigating these changes may feel daunting, but options and support exist to find affordable internet within your family’s budget. Be sure to reach out to your internet provider to see what options are available or call 1-800-Xfinity to learn more about options, discounts and services available in your area.

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