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Want a parenting handbook? Now, you can have one!

parenting handbook
Are we pushing our kids too early, too much?
Perhaps your child is not abnormal.
Perhaps they simply need more time.
Time to bake.
Time to play.
Time to simmer and deepen these newly forming pathways of self-regulation and strong attention spans.

The research on delaying formal education until age 6-7 is actually fascinating. Benefits are seen in emotional temperament, athletic performance and testing performance. Perhaps this information will empower parents on the fence to make bold decisions for their family.

In The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children, Tammy Schamuhn and Tania Johnson—founders of the Institute of Child Psychology, child psychologists, and moms with an immense social media following—give parents the answers they so desperately need. Using the latest research in neuroscience and developmental psychology, and weaving in concrete strategies, Tammy and Tania have created an essential roadmap for parenting that truly works. Here you will find the secrets to raising children who are kind, empathic, self-regulated, emotionally intelligent, and who grow up to become gritty, resourceful, successful critical thinkers who can handle hard things.
My hope is that we do not take age 5 as the basis of “school readiness” (at least in the U.S.)…but rather we encourage parents to trust their gut on when they believe their unique child is ready. Every child is an artist! They just need the right conditions to thrive.” -Emily Del a Torre, LMFT
The award-winning book “The Parenting Handbook” is now available. This is an essential roadmap based on the science of parenting and has practical tools that give parents the answers they so desperately need!
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