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Empowering Creativity: The Scarf Studio Lets Kids Design Smiler-Maker Gifts for Mother’s Day

Empowering Creativity: The Scarf Studio Lets Kids Design Smiler-Maker Gifts for Mother’s Day

Move over Hermès, there’s a new wave of scarf designers on the scene this Mother’s Day, and they’re not your typical fashion moguls – they’re kids. The Scarf Studio, a Denver-based company, is revolutionizing the world of fashion by giving children the opportunity to design their own scarves, resulting in truly magical creations. What started as a brick-and-mortar endeavor has expanded into the online space, allowing kids everywhere to turn their artwork into heartfelt gifts for Mother’s Day, birthday and beyond.

The process is simple yet enchanting. Grown-ups can visit The Scarf Studio’s website to print out a template. Kids then unleash their creativity using crayons, markers, or paint to design their masterpiece. Once the artwork is complete, adults upload it and place their order. Within a week, a beautiful scarf adorned with the child’s artwork arrives, ready to bring joy to its recipient.

The visionary behind The Scarf Studio is Jennifer Ward, who began the company in her Northwest Denver home. Inspired by digital printing and a passion for exquisite textiles, Ward envisioned a space where individuals could connect, celebrate, and craft unique scarves. However, it was a pivotal moment when a mother brought her young daughters into the studio to create scarves for their grandmother which sparked a revelation for Ward.

“Seeing the joy and excitement on those children’s faces as they created their artwork made me realize we were onto something special,” said Ward. “That’s when we incorporated children’s designs into our business, calling them smile-maker scarves because of the sheer happiness they bring.”

As The Scarf Studio continues to thrive, Jennifer Ward envisions expanding their offerings to include other do-it-yourself products in the future. However, for now, their focus remains on providing a magical experience for young scarf designers and the lucky recipients who receive their creations.

“We’re more than just a scarf company,” explained Ward. “We’re in the business of making happiness happen.”
In a world where happiness is the ultimate accessory, The Scarf Studio is leading the charge, one smile-maker scarf at a time.

Interested in designing your own smile-maker scarf for Mother’s Day?  The Scarf Studio is offering 15% off design-at-home scarves throughout April.  To receive this special pricing, enter SmileMaker in the discount code box at checkout.  Orders must be received by April 29 to receive scarves in time for Mother’s Day gift-giving.

For more information about The Scarf Studio and their innovative creations, visit or contact them at [email protected].

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