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Don’t trash your eclipse glasses: donate them!

Don’t trash your eclipse glasses: donate them!
Don’t trash those Eclipse glasses–pass them on to Latin American children to enjoy the October 2024 Eclipse.
That’s right, the Eclipse Give Back works with other organizations to donate used but undamaged eclipse glasses to other countries with upcoming eclipse events. They only accept US-made paperboard glasses that have the manufacturer’s address and contact info and that bear the ISO logo. All others will be discarded due to liability and quality issues.

Lenses must be in good condition, without perforations, tears, or punctures that would allow radiation to penetrate through to the user’s eyes. Damaged lenses will be discarded.

Ship before August 1st to
Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
PO Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605
Glasses can be shipped via USPS First-Class Mail (super inexpensive) in an envelope. For larger quantities, please consult your local post office for the most cost-effective ways to ship.
Mile High Mamas
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