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Denver Zoo’s NEW 570-acre preserve and conservation center

Denver Zoo new habitat

The Denver Zoo is about to get bigger and better than ever!

For more than 128 years, Denver Zoo has existed as an urban campus with a finite geographic footprint, historically limiting the space it has available to make a significant impact for wildlife. That will soon change with the opening of The Lembke Family Preserve, an expansive 570-acre facility in Weld County that leads off a transformative year for the Zoo and will serve as a pillar of its future animal care and wildlife conservation efforts. Construction has begun with phase one facilities and infrastructure under development. The Lembke Family Preserve will not be open to the public.

“The Lembke Family Preserve represents the start of a new era for Denver Zoo and will dramatically expand our capabilities for our animals and Colorado wildlife as we build it out in the coming years,” said Bert Vescolani, President and CEO of Denver Zoo. “We are deeply grateful to the Lembke family for their generosity and mutual understanding that saving wildlife for future generations requires a dedicated community of donors, members, partners and neighbors.” 

The Lembke Family Preserve will be developed in two phases. In phase one, the facility will expand the Zoo’s current Species Survival Plans breeding efforts and provide more space for its growing animal families and the potential to add new species to its program. The Zoo will also gain greater animal shifting and holding capacity, and ample space for temporary relocations for habitat maintenance and renovations on its 84-acre Denver campus. In phase two, the Zoo plans to transform the facility into a conservation center focused on conservation breeding and wild reintroduction of species that are threatened or endangered in Colorado and beyond.

Bob Lembke explained the drive behind the gift: “Denver Zoo has been part of our family tradition since the late 1950s. Both Carol and I loved visiting the old zoo of our childhood, and we took our kids there many times. It’s always a special family outing. With the stewardship provided to endangered species by the Zoo through The Preserve, we hope that the Zoo can be part of our family for generations.”

The Lembke family is one of many donors whose generosity is securing Denver Zoo’s future through its $75 million “Into the Great Wild Open” campaign.

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