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How this new law helps Coloradoans with eating disorders

Eating disorder Colorado

One new law in Colorado will be one that will better help those dealing with eating disorders. Specialists said this new law is a good step toward protecting those suffering from eating disorders. 

It will limit the use of body mass index (BMI) in determining treatment. That’s important, Dr. Patricia Westmoreland, Consultant Psychiatrist with ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders Westmoreland said because often, it’s not necessarily the weight someone started at and where they’ve ended up at, but their weight change that needs to be addressed.


“Unfortunately, insurance companies in the past and still now try to use body mass index as a way to indicate whether or not somebody needs a certain level of care. So I think this legislation will be fantastic in terms of insuring they look at other criteria, too,” Westmoreland said. 

The new law will also ban the sale of diet pills to minors without a prescription.


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