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Gorilla Trek: Denver Zoo’s new virtual reality experience

Gorilla experience Denver Zoo

One moment you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll through Denver Zoo’s 80 acres, the next you’re surrounded by a troop of mountain gorillas in the lush forests of Rwanda’s remote Volcanoes National Park.

This sudden change of scenery is made possible by Gorilla Trek—a new virtual reality experience that transports the Zoo’s guests and members to the native habitat of the endangered species. Guided by renowned primatologist Dr. Tara Stoinski, Gorilla Trek gives guests a 360-degree view of the troop’s fascinating family dynamics, from adorable infants to intimidating alpha silverbacks, through virtual reality headsets and motion platform seating.

“Denver Zoo exists to connect people to nature and inspire action for wildlife, so the addition of Gorilla Trek to the experience we offer our guests is a natural fit,” said Amber Christopher, Chief Operating Officer at Denver Zoo. “We’re thrilled to bring in this new technology that allows our guests to see these incredible animals in their native habitat after seeing their cousins in person here at the Zoo.”

Located in Primate Panorama at the west end of the Zoo, Gorilla Trek is just down the path from the Great Apes habitat, which is home to the Zoo’s two critically endangered western lowland gorillas, Kal and Gunther. Mountain gorillas are classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and primarily threatened by the clearance and degradation of their forest home. It’s estimated that there are only 1,000 mountain gorillas in the world and these elusive animals can only be found in East and Central Africa.

Gorilla Trek is now open during the Zoo’s regular hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $7 and available in-person at the Zoo or online in advance at


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