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Invent your own treats at this Denver dessert shop

Denver Dessert shop

Ice creams! Candies! Composed desserts! Hip, colorful shop!

All those sugarplums no longer need to just dance in your mouth–now, your imagination can run wild straight into your mouth.

There’s always something fantastically wacky and wonderful to try at this bewitching West Highland dessert emporium from Ian Kleinman, a molecular magician and science lab conjurer who schooled Denver in crazy-cool things like Twizzler space foam, exploding whipped cream, spun sugar, candy corn powder, clouds of smoke and pomegranate fizz pop-rocks — tricks that reach way beyond Willy Wonka’s fictional candy factory.

Reserved tickets, available on the Inventing Room website, are required to enter the dessert wonderland, which plays host to themed cooking demonstrations and small group tasting tours that commence in a bounty of sweet and savory treats that will blow your mind. Regular food is served as well! Try the Grilled Beef Slider with Fresh Mozzarella & Freeze-Dried Tomato Marinara or Spicy Chicken Wonton Taco with Marinated Cabbage & Soy Caviar.

Inventing room Denver

Liquid Nitrogen Mocktails for Kids are always a fun surprise. Choose from the Blackberry & Lime Soda with Lavender Ice Cubes; Frozen Hot Chocolate with Exploding Whipped Cream; Butter Beer Float with Butterscotch Soda; Mango & Peach Smoothie; Strawberry Slushy with Mint Condensed Milk.

Inspired by the whimsy in the 1971 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie, where Violet turns violet; The “Inventing Room” was a whimsical dessert and culinary experience concept created by Chef Ian Kleinman, known for his avant-garde approach to food and desserts. It gained popularity in Denver, Colorado. The Inventing Room offered unique and interactive dining experiences, often featuring molecular gastronomy techniques to create innovative dishes and desserts.

NEW TO THE INVENTING ROOM: Mobile Nitro Chef Station.  They are no longer tethered to a table at events –  they can roam with your guests, serving their unique liquid nitrogen treats. The mobile chef station is best suited for larger events of 75+ guests & the menu can change as the event continues. 

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