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Meet this quadriplegic mom raising twins

quadriplegic mother

Dani Izzie and her husband, Rudy, insist there’s nothing really extraordinary about how they’re raising their twin girls, Lavinia and Giorgiana. Double the fun always means double the chaos. 

“I’ve had periods over the past two-and-a-half years where I’ve been very tired, just like any other new mom, you know?” Dani said.

Rudy laughed, “We’re just two normal people raising twins!”

But alongside their parenting challenges, are their personal challenges, Dani’s especially. She is a quadriplegic, with paralysis in both her lower and upper limbs. But thankfully her paralysis isn’t complete. “My hands are paralyzed, so my fingers, I can’t move them individually,” she said. “And my triceps specifically are paralyzed in my arms. And then my core, my abdominals, and my back muscles are paralyzed.”

Rudy said, “We adapt and do things probably different than other people do it. But Dani supports me, and I support her. It’s just … different.” 


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