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Maestro Music Institute: Music Classes in Denver and Arvada

Arvada music lessons

Not all music schools are created equally and Maestro Music Institute strives to make instrumental music lessons in Denver and Arvada exceptional for children and adults. 

Maestro Music Institute’s Classes

Maestro Music Institute teaches group classes, semi-private lessons and private lessons from age 3 all the way to 103. The Arvada and Denver music schools offer a variety of instruments: piano, voice, guitar (acoustic, bass and electric), ukulele, woodwinds (flute, clarinet), brass (trumpet & trombone), drums and strings.  They also started a master class series this year for their students that is open to the public. 

Are you looking for singing lessons in Arvada? The music institute also offers in-depth classes in singing, composition, songwriting and music production.  Maestro is starting a show choir for kids in September! 

And that’s not all: they also have a mobile music school division where they take their Denver music programs into schools and hold classes and lessons on-site.

Musical Performances Around Denver

There are plenty of performance opportunities for Maestro’s musicians with two days of recitals for their students in the fall and spring (three separate recitals for each season). They also have numerous additional performance opportunities in and around the Denver metro area. Some of these include performing at retirement centers, local coffee shops, and local outdoor festivals. 

Why Learn Music?

One of the most unique things about learning music that often gets overlooked is that it’s a language that trains the brain to think and process information extremely fast. It’s a valuable skill that can be translated into any other discipline. That by itself makes it worth studying. 

According to CEO Beth Secrist, she has watched a number of students grow up in front of her eyes, starting in their preschool classes and becoming accomplished musicians over the years. “Several of my own students have graduated high school with honors and a few have even started their college careers academically as sophomores, rather than as freshmen.” 

She said they have had students start composing and performing their own music in the community, developing their own brand, some that get involved in school band, orchestra, choir, etc. They have  had some students come back and become camp counselors at their annual summer camp.  Maestro Music Lessons

Some students even make a career out of it.

 “A few years ago, one of our high school piano students had decided to go to college for music. We helped prepare her for her college auditions, which she successfully did and has since graduated and is now teaching in the Denver School district.  Another student (voice) completed and released her first solo album of original works right after graduating high school and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in music.”

Regardless of what level of musician the students go on to achieve, they have one thing in common: they developed their love of music at Maestro Music Institute.

Call 720.251.2157 or email [email protected] for additional information. 


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