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Guide to Colorado’s Best Fall Colors

Colorado's Best Fall Colors

Colorado is known for its stunning fall colors, thanks to its diverse range of deciduous trees, particularly aspen and cottonwood, which turn brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red during the autumn season. While the best time to see fall colors can vary from year to year depending on weather conditions, the peak usually occurs in late September to early October in higher elevations and later in October at lower elevations. Here are some fabulous family places to explore in Colorado this fall:

Colorado’s Best Fall Colors

  1. Aspen: The town of Aspen is named after the iconic aspen trees that cover the surrounding mountainsides. The Maroon Bells, just outside Aspen, are especially famous for their stunning fall foliage.
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park: This national park is a haven for fall colors. The aspen groves in the park offer breathtaking views, and the Trail Ridge Road provides an excellent vantage point to see the changing leaves.
  3. Guanella Pass: Located near Georgetown, Guanella Pass offers a scenic drive with plenty of opportunities for hiking and photography. The aspens create a golden canopy along the road.
  4. Kebler Pass: In the Gunnison National Forest, Kebler Pass is often considered one of the best places in Colorado to witness fall colors. The extensive aspen groves create a vibrant display of color.
  5. San Juan Mountains: This region in southwestern Colorado is known for its rugged beauty and fall foliage. The Million Dollar Highway (U.S. Route 550) offers stunning views of the changing leaves amidst the dramatic mountain scenery.
  6. Crested Butte: Known as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado,” Crested Butte also boasts impressive fall colors. The town is surrounded by aspen groves that turn a brilliant gold in the fall.
  7. Vail: This popular ski resort town transforms into a colorful paradise in the fall. The aspen trees on Vail Mountain and in the surrounding areas create a picturesque backdrop.
  8. Telluride: Another beautiful destination in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride is surrounded by scenic canyons and valleys filled with colorful aspen trees.Fall in Telluride
  9. Kenosha Pass: Located along the Colorado Trail, Kenosha Pass is a fantastic spot for hiking and leaf-peeping. The expansive views from the pass provide a stunning panorama of fall colors.
  10. Independence Pass: This high mountain pass near Aspen offers not only fall foliage but also incredible views of the surrounding peaks.

Remember to check the fall foliage reports and weather conditions before planning your trip, as the timing of peak colors can vary from year to year. Enjoy the vibrant beauty of Colorado’s fall colors as you explore these picturesque destinations.

Colorado’s Best Fall Colors

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